The most horrible cover art for the vinyl disc

titleToday there are not many artists who can create a truly terrible cover for the vinyl disc. The authors of these masterpieces is clearly a success.Guns n` Roses - Appetite for Destruction.It was the band's debut album, so the cover had a lot to say about music of Guns ' n ' Roses, which never rotates. And the guys decided to plunge into the grave and drew a robot that raped the girl. Good that they were able to convince to change the skin to a more humane, otherwise we would never hear about this wonderful group.Birth Control - Operation. Giant insect devours babies with the blessing of the Pope.Boned - Up at the Crack. Track titles - "my cock Dry", "don't talk with your mouth full", "Tails up, muzzle down" - quite match the cover.The Beatles - Yesterday and Today. Читать полностью -->

Paris Hilton is not enough one step to your dreams

titleParis Hilton, a long time zagavarivaishsa about the desire to have a family and children, was very close to fulfilling her dream. Her affair with a member of the band Good Charlotte Benji Madden has lasted a long nine months.This period could be sufficient for carrying a child, but in the case of Paris natural arithmetic did not work. Hilton and Madden, it would seem, gradually approaching the decision to have the wedding. But in the end, the lovers decided to leave by mutual consent.This information is confirmed by the representative of Paris. Was named and the cause of separation - excessive jealousy Benji, totally unacceptable for a lover of parties and non-committal flirting at parties.Benji was too jealous and too controlled, say close to a pair of sources, He did not get along with any of her friends. Friends it seemed that Paris with Benji has changed, and now she wants to become herself again".Rumors that Paris and her boyfriend is not all right, appeared a few months ago. Читать полностью -->

Erotic calendar with Kim Kardashian

titleGirlfriend blonde on a pink Bentley, stylist and socialite, famous for the scandalous home video, Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian) does not lose hope to draw attention to their curvy forms.Source: Erotic calendar with Kim Kardashian (photo). . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Jessica Alba was photographed for the 2009 Campari calendar

titleOne of the most desirable women of 2008, actress Jessica Alba, showed fine form, taking part in the filming for the calendar Campari Swimsuit Calendar 2009.27-year-old beauty shows off her perfect forms on pages a special limited edition.The actress poses against men models from Brazil in very sexy attire.Excellent appearance is very important for most Hollywood Actresses. Thanks to their beauty they earn their bread, and so many stars trying to get in shape after childbirth. The sex symbol of Hollywood, Jessica Alba is no exception.Her daughter honor in just five months, and Jess already shows slender figure. Now she looks as amazing as before the birth of our first son.The actress poses in designer bikinis and cocktail dresses. Conducted survey of legendary photographer Mario Testino.By the way, shooting Jess brought along her little daughter. And journalists admitted that they had a lot of fun during the shooting process."All the clothes were so elegant," said an excited young mother. Читать полностью -->

Alena Vodonaeva received an offer hands and hearts

titleThe other day a former star of the TV project "Dom-2" Alain Vodonaeva received the long-awaited proposal: the hand and heart of a 26-year-old Alena I'll give in good hands of a successful entrepreneur, a 37-year-old Alexis.Vodonaeva, which is about two years old seduces appetizing forms multiple audience with blue screens, now only correct one. Future husband of Malediwy, businessman Alexey, diligently caring for the girl. Donated car, expensive jewelry, a romantic trip - all on traditional for refined beauties of the program.- I'm in love, " shared with Alena LIFE.RU just a few months ago. - I really want children in the near future I plan four.In a month or two of Her getting married, it's crazy! - shared yesterday one of the participants "Houses-2", which Alena still has good relations.As previously reported LIFE.RU the question about the wedding star of the TV show opened the first month. It turns out that demanding Vodonaeva decided to strictly follow the truth which at the time regulated Marilyn Monroe: a girls best friend is diamonds. The star of "House-2", and for some time the singer was told that the personal life she has long been established and the wedding is not far off. Читать полностью -->

Elizabeth II decided to give her crown

titleCharles Prince of Wales "has all the abilities to take responsibility for the monarchy".This was announced on Thursday by Britain's Queen Elizabeth II during a visit to the London headquarters of the humanitarian Fund Prince's Trust, established in 1976 on the initiative and at the expense of Charles.As noted in London, thereby 82-year-old Queen made it clear that thinking about the transfer of the crown Prince Charles. As reported by Vesti., the visit of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince s Trust is associated with the forthcoming November 14, the anniversary of the heir. This Friday the Prince of Wales turns 60.It is worth noting that humanitarian Fund Prince's Trust conducts extensive work on training and employment of young people who were "on the sidelines of life". During his visit to the headquarters of Elizabeth II noted that "endless proud" of the achievements of the Fund.A few days ago the UK has already said goodbye to the monarch. The fact that on 10 November, a famous British cruise liner Queen Elizabeth II, named after the English Queen, had made his last flight. After the decommissioning of the legendary ship will be transformed into a hotel on the water in Dubai.To hold the ship last voyage in Dubai gathered thousands of people. Читать полностью -->

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